Where are PTO meetings held?

They are held in the Middle School Library. Enter the school through the office/main doors, and make your way toward the back of the school via the main hallways. The library has multiple glass windows looking out on an indoor common area.

How long do meetings usually last?

We know your time is precious. We try to keep meetings to an hour or less.

Can I voice my opinion and vote at a meeting?

Please do! You and the other parents are guardians ARE the PTO. We want your opinions, we want your ideas, and we want you to vote!

Why don’t I get fliers home from the PTO?

Unlike the elementary schools, the Middle School doesn’t send home written notes. They are counting on your children to take notes, remember, and pass things on (they can dream, can’t they!?). You can sign up to receive e-mailed school announcements through the PowerSchool website at  https://lps.berrienresa.org/public/home.html . Just log in and look for “email notification” on the left side of your screen. PTO information will be updated throughout the year on this website, and you can always contact a PTO board member if you have a specific question.

What time does school let out on half days?

The Middle School gets out at 10:45am on half days.

Where can I find out if my child is keeping up with their homework?

You should have received information about logging in to the new online grade viewer, PowerSchool, within the first week of school. Go to https://lps.berrienresa.org/public/home.html to create your account and sign in. If you didn’t receive the sign-in information, please contact the middle school administration.

Where can I find out about volunteer opportunities at the school?

Check out the page “volunteer opportunities”, link at right!