October 8, 2013 Minutes

Final Minutes. 9 yay, 4 abstentions, 0 nay.



OCTOBER 8, 2013

Meeting called to order by Tina Gourlay at 2:39pm

Members in Attendance: Tina Gourlay, Joni Miller, Stacy Solanics, Krista Wolf, Julia Pechtel, Steve Cvengros, Judy Thomas, Jason Messenger, Casey King, Wendy Cleworth, Marcy Gantenbein-Ungroot, Jennifer Swanson, Lisa Mattson.

Secretary’s Report – Megan Green

A reminder that minutes are now approved via e-mail. All attendees should sign in and list their e-mail. When the draft minutes are prepared, they will be mailed for approval to those in attendance during that meeting. All minutes are posted on the PTO website.

Treasurer’s Report – Julia Pechtel

The budget was reviewed. It was noted that fundraiser funds have not been added to the budget yet, but currently stand at $4,355.25, which is over the $4,000 budgeted. There are also some bills from last school year which are still outstanding. Budget adjustments were made as previously approved.

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report by Megan Green, seconded by Joni Miller, none opposed, motion passed.

Volunteer Coordinators’ Report – Jennifer Swanson/Joni Miller

Spreadsheets for volunteers are now up to date. Melanie Kapp will be assisting with the Book Fair. Shelly Taylor will be doing meals, and Greg Greenfield will be working on Career Day with Mindy Weaver.

Jennifer and Joni  ask that teachers and staff let them know of volunteer needs as early as possible, as it can take time to round up available parents. Please contact them via their “contact us” links on the PTO website, or by their e-mail accounts.

New Business – Tina Gourlay

  1. Box Tops – Deadline is November 1 for mailing in, but school deadline is October 21. There will be an ice cream party for winning advisory classes in each grade.
  1. Fundraiser— We reached, and slightly exceeded our goal!    THANK YOU PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS!!!!!


  1. Ms. Cleworth said she would like to enter some of her students into the Scholastic Art Show. The Show is open to 7th to 12th graders. It requires a $5 application, and acceptance is through a jury. She is asking that the PTO provide her with up to $100 (up to 20 pieces). She says that if the student’s work is accepted, they would receive a cash prize, and she would expect them to repay the $5 entry fee from that prize. Ms. Gourlay asked Ms. Cleworth to submit information for the PTO officers to review at the next Executive Meeting.

Old Business –


Staff Reports

  1. 6th Grade : Language Arts was able to obtain enough copies for all students of a book they use every year: The Watsons Go To Birmingham, by Christopher Paul Curtis. Math is reviewing fractions and working on integers. Science is working on the scientific method, and Social Studies has been reviewing the Fertile Crescent, home of the Sumerians who invented school and writing. They are looking forward to a speaker from the Horn Museum, who will bring examples of the museum’s cuneiform collection, one week from today. The 6th grade will also be having a fall mixer on November 8, just after school, for just the 6th graders, which will feature music, dancing, movies and concessions.
  1. 7th Grade:  Math curriculum is in transition to the Common Core from the old curriculum. Common Core provides more discovery learning, rather than memorization. The teachers are looking into new textbooks which will align with Common Core as well as State Standards. Science has been working on an egg lab, and cells. Language Arts has been creating personal memoirs and argumentative essays, while also learning how to correctly cite sources and provide commentary on the source’s validity and worth.
  1. 8th Grade: Teachers thank the PTO (that’s YOU!) for the pinballs — they say the students love them, and Ms. Porter is actually going to be setting up a pinball tournament. They also thank YOU for the word wall. Both items are getting daily use.

Principal’s Report – Jason Messenger

Mr. Messenger is proud to announce the grand opening of the Student Credit Union on October 29. Students went through an interview process to apply for positions as managers, tellers, and marketers. If your child would like to participate, and they previously had an account at Stewart or Roosevelt, then they do not need to open a new account.  Otherwise, they will need to fill out paperwork for an account, just as anyone would. This would include parent information, and will require the student’s social security number. If you do not want to hand this information in at the school, you may open the account at Honor Credit Union directly. Depositors will be entered into drawings for gifts of extra cash, while learning about saving and interest rates.

The MEAP began today. Among the tests, the 6th grade will be testing Social Studies online, and the 8th grade will be testing Science online. These will be the first times MEAP has been done online.

The Lance, the biweekly newsletter for the Middle School, has come out once already. Mr. Messenger notes that the PTO may add information for inclusion in the Lance, but only if it is school related. The Lance will come out every other Monday, in e-mail only. It will not be posted on the Middle School website anymore. If you are not receiving it, you must sign up for it through the Power Announcement section of the Parent Portal. You should sign in for announcements for each and every child you have at the middle school, as some notices may be different, depending on which grade they are sent out for.

Next Meeting will be December 10 @ 2:30pm at the Lakeshore Middle School Media Center

Meeting adjourned at 3:01pm.