May 14, 2013 PTO Meeting Minutes


LMS PTO Minutes

May 14, 2013

Meeting called to order by Kim McAllister at 2:32pm

Members in Attendance:

Tina Gourlay, Megan Green, Barbara Hagadorn, Kim McAllister, Jennifer Swanson, Jason Messenger, Laura Veldman, Casey King, Cheri Bacon, Steve Graziano, Judy Thomas, Tina Gourlay, Krista Wolf, Julia Pechtel, Joni Miller, Bill Magrane.

Secretary’s Report – Megan Green

A reminder that the minutes are e-mailed to members present at the meeting, who then review, correct and/or vote to approve the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report – Barbara Hagadorn

Income and Expense report was reviewed. Motion to approve by Joni Miller, seconded by Barbara Hagadorn, approved unanimously.

The proposed budget for the 2013-2014 school year was presented and reviewed. Suggested new items to add were 7th grade battle of the books, for $300, science consumables budget, for $900, and educational field trips budget of $1,500.

New Business – Kim McAllister

  1. Applications for PTO Funds

The following applications were made and approved unanimously:

8th grade classroom word wall

8th grade gym equipment for use during last period advisory

Mr. Thomas: a classroom Jeopardy kit

Mr. King: a projector and stylus for I-pads (pending approval from Tyson Mock)

2. Vote on New PTO Board

nominations were made as follows:

President: Tina Gourlay (eligible for 2 years)

Vice-President: Krista Wolf (eligible for 2 years)

Secretary: Megan Green (eligible for 1 year)

Treasurer: Julia Pechtel (eligible for 2 years)

Volunteer Coordinators: Jen Swanson (eligible for 1 year) and Joni Miller (eligible for 2 years).

All nominations & positions were approved unanimously.


Old Business

  1. JDRF Walk

The walk, held in partnership with Upton Middle School in St. Joseph, raised $12,534, and was considered a great success. Thanks to all participants and donators!


Staff Reports

  1. 6th Grade      is moving from studies of Africa to Asia in social studies. They are      studying persuasive techniques in writing, and recycle and reuse      strategies in science.
  2. 7th Grade      is looking forward to their picnic on the 24th, while learning about      reproductive health and how to write persuasive pamphlets.
  3. 8th Grade      is working on coordinating Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry with      discussions of racism and the Great Depression, while they study the Civil      War in history. Math involves radical and rational expressions, with a      short trigonometry unit. Their field trip to Six Flags is coming up on      June 10, with about 100 students expected to attend.

Principal’s Report – Jason Messenger

Mr. Messenger expressed his thanks to the PTO for all the hard work, with a special thanks to Kim, Barbara & Tracey, who are finishing up their terms.

He expressed his pleasure in the passing of one of the bond proposals, and said that the district is working with the engineers and architects on improvements. He said the district is soliciting lots of voices and input, and wants the PTOs to be part of that voice. He especially noted that any thoughts on improving the parking lot would be appreciated. There are many options, he said, for the 1:1 technology, but there is lots of research to do on what device is best used for what level of study. While the district wants this done in a timely manner, they also want it done right. The planning phase will take the majority of the time and energy.

He said the maintenance department is running an online sale of equipment, although the website being used was unclear.

This was the last PTO meeting of the 2012-2013 school year.

The next PTO meeting will be held in October, 2013.