February 12, 2013 PTO minutes

FINAL MINUTES (8 yay, 0 nay, 2 abstentions)

Meeting called to order by Kim McAllister at 2:35 pm

Members in attendance:

Jennifer Swanson. Kim McAllister, Barbara Hagadorn, Tina Gourlay,  Jim Tetzlaff, Stacey Steffes, Sandra Blough, Sara Kiel, Mike Matti, Lynn Grunert

Secretary’s report:

Megan Green was out sick.  Kim reminded everyone the minutes will be approved via email.

Treasurer’s Report:

Current cash on hand as of February 12 is $12,696.38

New Business:  Kim McAllister

Box Tops

Last day to collect box tops will be February 22.  Volunteers will be need to help count on Tuesday, March at the Middle school

Career Day – March 8

Sandra Blough – 34 presenters are scheduled. Thank you to the PTO for the help with the presenter gifts.  Volunteers are needed for help with breakfast and to help with the event from 7 – 11 on March 8.

Staff Breakfast/Lunch March 25 & 26

Shelly Taylor will help coordinate the staff breakfast on March 25 and lunch March 26.  Students are in school during both of these days.

Old Business

PTO funds are available for each grade and must be used this school year.

6th grade

February 22 is the Wing Ding.  MAP testing has been going on in all grades.  Students will be tested twice a year to determine progress.

7th grade

Studying rocks and minerals in science.  Poetry in reading.  Geography-  culture reports.  Battle of the Books has started.  Each student is expected to read at least two of the books and the battle will take place March 27.

8th grade

Getting ready to leave for Washington DC-  96 kids and 7 chaperones.

Special Education

On Fridays students are taught the basics such as cooking and laundry skills.  They used to attend the Special Olympics in Berrien Springs.  Because of budget restraints last year Lakeshore had their own Special Olympics at the high school.  It will take place again this year, a date has not been determined yet.  It will include all special needs kids in grades K – 12.


In addition to career day, Mrs. Weaver has an after school tutoring program going on that is doing very well.  Student Council is having a fund raiser for the Heart Foundation by selling t-shirts for $10.

Principal’s report – Lynn Grunert reporting for Jason Messenger

NWEA testing is going on – it will compare students’ growth better than the MEAP.  This is Lakeshore’s first go with it.  Three tests are included:  Math, Reading, and Language Arts.  The tests are totally on-line and results are known immediately.  Still determining how and when results will be reported to parents.

Conferences are February 26 and 27 with both scheduled and open times for parents.  Letters have gone home.

Four LMS students were attending the Spelling Bee today.

Students are getting ready for Science Olympiad.  Mentors are helping the teams.  Ms. Harris is the coach.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm.  Next meeting April 9 @2:30 at LMS media center.

Minutes prepared by Tina Gourlay