February 11, 2014 meeting minutes

final minutes. 6 yay, 2 abstentions, 0 nay.

LMS PTO Meeting

February 11, 2014

Meeting called to order at 2:43pm

Members Present:

Megan Green, Tina Gourlay, Joni Miller, Krista Wolf, Jennifer Swanson, Jason Messenger, Sandra Blough, Mike Matti, Steve Graziano

Secretary’s report – Megan Green

Reminder to respond to e-mail and vote yay or nay to adopt the minutes. Let me know if any changes needed to the website.

Treasurer’s Report – Julia Pechtel

Julia was not able to be here. Copy of report was made available. The only change was that the Box Tops check had been deposited ($556.65).

Volunteer Coordinators’ Report – Jennifer Swanson & Joni Miller

Tues the 25th has been set aside to cut Box Tops. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. This will be done at the conference room in LMS office.

New Business – Tina Gourlay

Box Tops  Due February 21- volunteers needed to count

Career Day March 7. Calls made, response good. Kids will be signing up the week before for presenters. Breakfast for presenters will be held in the library. List of food needed is available.  Gift for the presenters is an insulated water bottle with straw with LMS emblem on it.

Spring Staff Appreciation. Hoping first week of May, waiting to talk to Shelley Taylor to see if she is available to coordinate.

Old Business

We are officially incorporated, but  have still not received 501(c)3 status from the IRS.


Staff Reports

6th grade: Olympic celebration in advisory, social studies and language arts. Watching Percy Jackson, Lightning Thief for Greek characters. –ER Day (dress like someone in a profession ending in –er), wing ding celebration on Feb 21. Going to Kalamazoo to watch two Imax movies about the great lakes and about elephant and giraffe ecosystems. About $11 per kid because PTO helped financially support. (1/2 price).

7th grade: They are going to go see Earth Day movie April 23. the movie is from Disney, and includes educational packages for at school. PTO funding has helped cut down the cost. Students will pay about $3 each for the movie because of PTO help and 7th grade fundraisers. Battle of Books until March 27, 8-9:45 in gym. Parents welcome. Slope being learned in math (y=mx+b).

8th grade: Slow news day. DC trip was postponed and will be 2 weeks from tomorrow instead (Feb 26). Students will get a refund if they have legitimate cause to not go. White house tour may be able to be rescheduled; Mr. Graziano is talking to our Senator’s office about that. Same itinerary otherwise. Math Science Center applications are in. field trip to Notre Dame for 8th grade.

Principal’s Report – Jason Messenger

Notre Dame: will get back to us about how they can accommodate the 8th grade.  The students will get an “official” tour where they see the campus and classrooms. Lets the kids see what’s out there before going to high school, to get their higher education juices flowing.  

Student council: This spring the Student Council started a partnership with Notre Dame University to raise money for Niemann-Pick Disease research.  Approximately 85% of cases of Type A of this disease have an extremely poor prognosis with most cases being fatal by the age of 18 months.  Type B (adult onset) and Type C (mutation affecting a different molecule) Niemann-Pick Disease have a better prognosis, with many patients with these disorders living into their teens or adulthood.  Niemann Pick Disease is a genetic, cholesterol-storage disorder that primarily strikes children with death occurring before or during adolescence. NPD took the lives of three of former Notre Dame football coach Ara Parseghian’s grandchildren. The ultimate goal is to save lives-by finding an effective treatment or cure for NPD as soon as possible. There is a medication from the Notre Dame researchers before the FDA right now, waiting for approval. As a “thank you”, the student council will be travelling to Notre Dame in March to see the labs where the research has been going on, to get a real taste of what they are fundraising towards.

Variety show acts are set; they are now looking for MCs. The show will be in April.

Honors Night will just be for 8th graders this year. This will allow the teachers to recognize more 8th grade students while keeping the length below an hour. 6th and 7th grades will have their honors in the morning at school, as they do in the rest of the year.

Amazing speaker last week, very entertaining. Sponsored by LEF. Loved by all, and the students seemed to take away good message (share your care).


Next Meeting will be Tuesday, April 8 at 2:30 LMS Media Center

Meeting Adjourned at 3:03.