December 11, 2012 PTO meeting minutes

FINAL MINUTES (9 yay, 2 abstain, 0 nay)

Meeting Called to Order by Kim McAllister at 2:35 pm

Members in Attendance:

Tina Gourlay, Megan Green, Barbara Hagadorn, Kim McAllister, Tracey Oullette, Jennifer Swanson, Jason Messenger, Cheri Bacon, Steve Cvengros, Kristi Goulette, Steve Graziano, Judy Thomas, and Sandra Blough.

Secretary’s Report/Approval of Minutes: Megan Green

Pursuant to the current Bylaws, the approval of the minutes was done by e-mail to members present at the previous meeting. Members were told they can view the minutes at any time on the PTO website. Members were also encouraged to leave their e-mail address on the sign-in sheet, as it was needed for them to review the minutes and approve or disapprove of them. Members were informed that the last meeting’s minutes were approved by a majority vote of those present at that meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Barbara Hagadorn

Current cash on hand as of December 11 is $12, 293.54. This includes a few straggler donations to the “non-fundraiser”.

New Business: Kim McAllister


Boxtop donations raised $592.50. The top classes were King, Bacon and Magrane. THANK YOU to all the parents and students who helped out with this program.


Because of the amount of funds received through the “non-fundraiser”, the PTO is able to offer each grade a $1,000 grant to purchase an educational item. Teachers will have a form they can fill out to request the amount, and each grade’s teachers can decide among themselves how the money is to be used and split among classes. The PTO is also able to offer 4 $250 grants to the related arts groups, so they will not be overlooked.


PTO Forms

Teacher requests for volunteer help and/or reimbursement (up to $250) for expenses, can be made by forms available from Mr. Messenger.

Career Day – March 8

Plans are coming along. Gifts for presenters will include an LED flashlight (in red, of course!)

Old Business: Kim McAllister

Staff Lunch

Shelley Taylor organized this event this year, and did a great job. Thanks to Shelley and to the parents who provided delicious meals!

Book Fair

Tracey Oullette and Jennifer Swanson organized the volunteers for this event. The MGI room was used, and the consensus was that this was a good place to hold the fair. Thanks to Tracey and Jennifer and all the volunteers who made the time to assist with this event!

Staff Reports

6th Grade

In Math, the 6th graders are doing a candy wrapper project. Social Studies is studying China (with a quick side trip for holidays around the world). Science just completed an elements “fashion show”, where students created an informational t-shirt on a particular element, and then held a “fashion show” where they showed off their work. Language Arts is working on compare/contrast.

7th Grade

In Language Arts, the 7th graders are working on the Christmas Carol play, which helps with public speaking and other language arts items. Algebra Concepts is working on graphing linear equations, while Pre-Algebra is studying exponents. The Science classses are studying CPR via a package received from the American Heart Association. The students can take the package home with them, and use it to teach others. The AHA is apparently no longer certifying people in CPR; instead, they are trying to get the word out by the student as the teacher method.

The t-shirt fundraisers raised $507 for the Voyager Team, and $563 for the Explorers Team. This money is used to purchase supplies for the classrooms.

8th Grade

The 8th graders are studying Jefferson and Democracy in History class, and learning about the Holocaust in Language Arts. These subjects will be useful when the 8th grade travels to Washington, D.C., as they will be going to places like Mt. Vernon and the Holocaust Museum.

Math Classes are studying math.

The 8th graders raised $2,200 for families in need this holiday season. Needy families will receive gift certificates.


Career Day is coming along; they already have 20 people lined up to present. They will need help from parent volunteers to provide breakfast for the presenters.

The 7th graders just completed a state required program which helps them identify potential career paths by answering questions on the careercruising.com website. Students discussed how their education choices can help them achieve career paths.

Principal’s Report

Jason Messenger thanked Tracey Knack and Melissa Harris for their work in partnering with the American Heart Association to bring the CPR program to the Middle School. He said this endowment grant is given to only one middle school in the county each year. He said that the 7th grade students were learning adult and child CPR Wednesday and Thursday.

Mr. Messenger reported on a new partnership with the Bridgman Schools, for PE and swimming. This test program, involving the 8th grade, allows Lakeshore students to take 4 basic swim classes under an instructor provided by Bridgman. The cost is low enough that the classes and the transportation could be paid out of the PE budget. In this session, 29 students (28 boys, 1 girl) are participating; there are 2 more sessions upcoming for this school year.

Mr. Messenger said that he is still working to improve parent communication. Most recently, he has worked with Wendy Bedell [the Lakeshore website webmaster] to find a way to send out an e-mail parent newsletter. The District is using the Middle School as a pilot program, to see how this method works. Working with an outside agency, they hope to provide a weekly (on Monday) e-mail newsletter, which would contain all the information you would need for that week, and would be the same type of information you would normally receive in your elementary-aged student’s backpack. They will be disbanding “The Lance”, and will discontinue the weekly newsletter in Powerschool (you will still receive grade reports from Powerschool, if you signed up for those). This new newsletter, they envision, will contain links to forms, attachments, and other documentation, so you will have “one stop shopping” for all the information and documentation you need. Because they are using an outside website for this program, parents will need to sign up to receive the newsletter. They hope to begin offering the newsletter after Christmas break. They will post information on the Middle School website, as well as putting it on the bottom of the next report cards to go out. They will also count on parents and students word of mouth to get the news out about signing up.

The next meeting of the PTO will be held on Tuesday, February 12 at 2:30pm at the Middle School Media Center.

Meeting Adjourned at 3:00 pm

Minutes prepared by Megan Green, Secretary