December 10, 2013 Meeting Minutes

final minutes. 9 yay, 1 abstain, 0 nay.


DECEMBER 10, 2013


Meeting called  to order by Tina Gourlay at 2:38pm

Members in Attendance:

 Tina Gourlay, Krista Wolf, Jennifer Swanson, Julia Pechtel, Megan Green, Chris Williams, Sara Van Ittersum, Jim Tetzlaff, Jason Messenger, Steve Graziano, Wendy Cleworth

Secretary’s Report –Megan Green

Megan reminds attendees that they will be receiving an e-mail from her with a copy of the minutes attached. It is essential that they respond in a timely manner, voting aye or nay to accept the minutes. The minutes cannot be posted as finalized until this is done. the last two meetings, there has not been a response from a majority of the attendees, so minutes have not been finalized.

Treasurer’s Report- Julia Pechtel

Julia reports that a few new charges from last month have come in, to wit, staff appreciation luncheon, box tops party and pizza fundraiser party. Another $40 trickled in for  the fundraiser.

Volunteer Coordinator’s Report- Jennifer Swanson/Joni Miller

Book fair and staff appreciation lunch volunteers did a wonderful job. THANK YOU!!!! We are still looking for a couple more volunteers for last day before break (fun lunch). Needed about 1:15-12:30pm.

New Business – Tina Gourlay

1.       Request for funds by Mrs. Cleworth for Scholastic Arts & Writing Competition  – She would submit work the 24th. She anticipates needing only $40 or so, and has 7 artists in mind. A motion was made to approve funds for this was made by Krista Wolf.  All in favor. Motion passed.

2.       Career Day, March 7 – That ball is rolling. Coordinators have been in contact with  the presenters and are working on a thank you gift for those presenters.

3.       Rollerworld Skating Rink – Chris Williams, who works at Rollerworld, asked to speak. She wondered if we have we been approached for a skating fundraiser day. The way it would work is that  the school would set up and announce a day for a fundraiser day, then the school or the PTO would get a portion of proceeds. Was done last year.  It was suggested that we might do it for scholarships for the 8th grade DC trip. Rollerworld usually charges $5 per child. Contact Chris Williams at chris-williams211@ comcast.net if interested.

4.       8th Grade DC Trip – Steve Graziano asked to speak on need-based scholarships for kids to DC. He wondered if the  PTO can help fund? His goal is to raise $1,500. Cost per student is $699. The trip leaves Wednesday, February 12 and returns Sunday morning, February 15. Tina said she would give him a funding application.

Old  Business

1.      Box tops – the PTO received a check for just under $650. There will be another challenge in 2014, with a  deadline around March 1.

2.       Staff Appreciation Luncheon –  Shelley Taylor did  an awesome job recruiting, coordinating and organizing for this event. A big THANK YOU to Shelley and her volunteers!!!!

3.       Book Fair – went well. Money raised from the book fair goes directly to the school’s media center. A big THANK YOU to the book fair volunteers!!!!

Staff Reports

1.       6th grade – Math is in middle of textbook testing. Science is working on the elements and periodic table. Social studies is getting a student teacher next year, and Xmas around the world.  The variety show (for all grades) will be on April 17. Participants will have weekly rehearsals at school.

2.       7th grade – English is reading A Christmas Carol, and will compare and contrast the play and movie. Geography is doing a cultures project. Science is working on making labs more inquiry based. math is working on linear equations. Pre-algebra is working on solving equations.  Their fundraiser for their  field trip is finished and raised about $1,300.

3.       8th grade – Is in the midst of fundraising for community members in need with their half court shots fundraiser and dodgeball  fundraiser.

Principal’s report – Jason Messenger

They are getting good responses for the Lance e-mail which is going out every 2 weeks. They have been able to resolve most issues with receiving the e-mail. Because The Lance comes from a non-Lakeshore address, many times it gets sent to the recipient’s junk folder. So if you aren’t receiving the e-mail, check your junk folder first. Wednesday is the Collage Concert, with performances from  band members  from 5th grade to symphony level. 31 students recently participated in a solo ensemble. The annual holiday fundraiser is gearing up and will include half court shots and dodgeball. Proceeds will go directly toward purchasing gift cards for families in need this holiday season. There will be an all school assembly last day before break.


Meeting adjourned at 3pm.