April 9, 2013 PTO Meeting Minutes


LMS PTO Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2013

Meeting called to order by Kim McAllister at 2:37pm

Members in Attendance:

Tina Gourlay, Megan Green, Barbara Hagadorn, Kim McAllister, Tracey Oullette, Jennifer Swanson, Jason Messenger, Stephanie Stephens, Michelle Nichols, Angie Johnson, Leo Stampfly, Sandra Blough, Mary Patzer and Mike Matti.

Secretary’s Report – Megan Green

A reminder that the minutes are e-mailed to members present at the meeting, who then review, correct and/or vote to approve the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report – Barbara Hagadorn

We have not received the check for the box tops yet.

                Income and Expense Report was reviewed and approved unanimously.

New Business – Kim McAllister

  1. Application for PTO Funds

A reminder that these funds are for educational uses, whereas each grade has been allocated $250 for unrestricted use (although receipts must be provided for reimbursement).

The 7th grade picnic is coming up on May 24 at the LCT park, from 11-2pm. Requests will be made of parents to provide cookies, brownies,  chips, coolers and grills. Volunteers will also be needed to help set up, hand out food, and clean up.

The 7th grade plans to apply for PTO funding assistance to purchase new atlas books and materials. Current materials are very out of date and in bad physical condition.  They hope to be able to purchase at least 30 atlases, as well as an instructional binder. All 7th grade teachers have agreed to this use of the 7th grade funds.

  1. Box Tops

Winners are the King, Knaack, and Magrane classrooms.  Magrane collected the most with $116.70. The total collected was $555. THANK YOU to the teachers for helping collect the box tops.

Ice Cream Party for the winning classrooms was held on March 14 at lunch time. It was a success!

  1. Community Service

The Student Council’s drive for the American Heart Association raised $1,866!!

The Student Council will be having a fundraising walk to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes research on  Friday, May 3. They will need the help of about 5 volunteers. This year, Upton Middle School and Lakeshore Middle School will be walking on the same day, for the same charity. See the flyer, below.


  1. Spring Pictures

…are tomorrow morning, April 10.

  1. Vote on New PTO Board Next Meeting

All positions have at least one candidate.

Old Business

  1. Career Day

Career Day was held on March 8, and, by all reports, was a great success.  THANK YOU to Sandra Blough, the parents and presenters for putting on a great presentation!

  1. Staff Breakfast/Lunch

The Staff Lunch and breakfast were held on March 25 & 26. THANK YOU  to Shelley Taylor for all her work coordinating the meals, and to the parents for providing the wonderful food!

Staff Reports

  1. 6th Grade has recently had a presentation from 5/3 Bank on how savings and interest accrual works. They are studying, among other things, geometry and Africa.
  2. 7th Grade is studying things like heredity, probability, mapping, and biographies. They recently completed Battle of the Books
  3. 8th Grade is working with algebra and rational expressions, as well as researching careers and writing expressive essays. Their Six Flags trip is coming up in June.
  4. Guidance is very happy that Career Day was a success, and is over! Scheduling for next year’s classes is underway.

Principal’s Report – Jason Messenger

Honors Awards will be held on the 19th for 6th grade, the 22nd for 7th grade, and the 23rd for 8th grade.

Report cards for this marking period will be sent home with students this Friday, the 12th.

The ACES program (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) will be held on May 1.

May 6 will mark the beginning of the second round of NWE math testing. This computer adaptive testing will hopefully generate reports in time to be included in the fourth marking period report cards. The report will cover the fall testing as well as the spring, so parents will be able to compare performance from one period to the next.

New standards for testing come in to effect next school year, and those standards require computerized testing. The 3hr NWE test takes 18 days to complete on the computers, so the middle school is hopeful  that funding can be provided to purchase new technology, so that the new standards can be administered effectively. The bond proposal coming up for a vote would be one way to provide that funding.

Next Meeting will be Tuesday May 14th @ 2:30pm at the Lakeshore Middle School Media Center

(Last PTO Meeting of the School Year)