April 8, 2014 PTO Meeting Minutes


LMS PTO Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2014


Members Present:

Tina Gourlay, Joni Miller, Krista Wolf, Jennifer Swanson, Jason Messenger, Laura Veldman, Tracy Smith, Sara Vanittersum


Secretary’s report – Megan Green

Megan was absent; there was no report.


Treasurer’s Report – Julia Pechtel

One addition for box tops was added to the income.


Volunteer Coordinators’ Report – Jennifer Swanson & Joni Miller

Variety Show helpers are all filled and ready to go. Also have people for helping on Thursday for spring pictures.


New Business – Tina Gourlay

Box Tops  exceeded our goal of $1,000 and actual was $1,628.56

By-Laws Proposed amendment to the by-laws — Article X — Budget Section 2. Change August to May. Joni Miller motion to change and Krista Wolf second it. All in agreement.

Spring Staff Appreciation will be on the week of May 5th. Shelley Taylor will coordinate. Schedule is: Breakfast on Monday, Lunch on Tuesday, Leftovers on Wednesday, Appetizer and Dessert on Thursday and Leftover on Friday.

New Board Members Need to fill Secretary and co-Volunteer positions.

Spring Pictures are April 10th


Old Business

Career Day went well. We had lots of extra food left over – need better way for volunteers to come in and have time to enjoy the breakfast.


Staff Reports

6th grade: Thanks for the field trip money — trip to IMAX movie in Kalamazoo. Social Studies starting Africa unit and writing.

7th grade: They are going to go see Earth Day movie April 23 and need 3-4 volunteers at 11:15 to meet at theater in Benton Harbor. Need them to pour drinks ahead of time for students. End of year picnic is May 23rd — need lots of volunteers! Need to buy drinks pop and water. Will be 239 students and 8 staff. Need to organize desserts, cook and hand out food. Finished Battle of the books — great year! Math — working on finishing probability. Science — chemistry and physical science.

8th grade: The Washington DC trip went well – 89 kids went. Mrs. Porter is planning trip to Notre Dame on May 22nd. Mr. Graziano is planning end of year bus trip to Great America. English — working on poetry. History — Civil War.


Principal’s Report – Jason Messenger

Pictures: Everyone will get spring pictures taken and you will return what you do not want to purchase.

Notre Dame Fundraiser: Idea of having a 5k run for fundraising with Notre Dame has been postponed to Fall activity to allow for more planning time.

Honors Night: will just be for 8th graders this year. This will allow the teachers to recognize more 8th grade students while keeping the length below an hour. 6th and 7th grades will have their honors in the morning at school, as they do in the rest of the year.


Next Meeting will be Tuesday, May 13 at 2:30 LMS Media Center